A Word from the El Paso District Lay Leader

Dear Pastors,

As the summer draws to a close the El Paso District Board of Laity has already begun its work for the coming year!

This year, 2019-2020, eight new members have joined the board, making a total of 21 members from around the entire El Paso District.  These members have chosen a serving team to be on, one of six possible teams, as well as a church to be the liaison for the Board of Laity. The teams that will be included in the Board of Laity pamphlet are Church Resources, Spiritual Formation and Intentional Discipleship Leadership Training.   You will receive an updated Board of Laity pamphlet from your Board of Laity liaison.

To better be able to serve the local church the Board of Laity would like to hear from you.  You will find attached to this email letter a survey that takes just a few minutes to complete or a link to the site at the bottom of this letter to submit your responses by webpage (just copy and paste the link in your browser).  Please return your response by Sept. 30.  These surveys from the pastors of the El Paso District will be reviewed by the Board of Laity.

It is the prayer of the Board of Laity members to build relationships for fostering the vision that “Every person in the geographical area of El Paso District will Belong, Believe and Be Useful”.

The El Paso Board of Laity is the equipping arm of the El Paso District, that encourages discipleship through training and empowering laity. This statement is the purpose for the Board of Laity to serve the Laity and the Clergy in the El Paso District.

Blessings in the joy of ministry together,

Kathy Jewell, CLM                    Rev. Dr. Eduardo Rivera
El Paso District Lay Leader       El Paso District Superintendent