A Word from the El Paso District Lay Leader

Laity Engagement

Kathy Jewell, CLM

El Paso District Lay Leader

Laity were key to Jesus’ mission and ministry. Jesus intentionally recruited each one of the 12 disciples for the skills and gifts each had to contribute to His mission. Just as laity, men, and women, were given opportunities to serve in early Methodism, with their gifts and skills.  Now, as in early Methodism, laity are/were empowered to lead.  Operating within the vision of the mission field, the laity carry out the ministry of hospitality, outreach, administration, planting seeds and much more.

The El Paso District UMC is a prime example of recognizing the gifts, skills, and talents of all laity.  The El Paso District is active through, the Board of Laity, to equip laity to live out their faith in the local church and community. Through Lay Servant classes, Safe Sanctuary training, Church Committee Training, Church Resources, Intentional Disciples in Leadership, and Spiritual Formation the BOL (Board of Laity) has established events and classes that reclaim the partnership between clergy and laity. Laity play a significant role by becoming transformational agents in their local church and communities.

As we are challenged to face new realities, we become a people of courage, hope, and bold vision to deliver the message of Jesus to all people. It is my prayer that each lay person “within the geographical span of the El Paso District” will be encouraged to BE a vital part of the local church, to BE part of a missional team and to BE used in mighty ways for Jesus.